I was me… but who were you/
Thinking a lot since we’ve been through/
And all that we had been through/
It’s real simple now…
I don’t even have to think it through/
I was me…
You were a person that was split in two/
Too much drama and too many issues/
And with that it’s true that I even miss you/
Or should I say I missed you trying to figure out this truth/
Who’s to blame…/
When were naming names…/
No shame in these games we play/
I interacted just the same/
Except my apologies would go strained/
Your apologies…
Well… Yea they never came/
And if I remained it was only as an object/
The prospect of us had no longer progressed/
You’re probably on to the next…
God bless/
While my heart is still broken and hasn’t gotten yet/
How cold you turned and broke all your promises/
And I promise this/
You’ll never find a love like mine…
And that’s my accomplishment/
Because I can honor it/
But I had to walk away from the intolerant/
I bet you couldn’t wait to gossip this/
I forgive you…
But I forbid you any more of my oxygen/
In my astonishment…
I would have given you my last breath/
Now I think of you in the past tense/
And you’ll never understand what our past meant/
Because our love is no longer part of your language.


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