:: SO SEE YOUR PATH (Sociopath)::

I should have seen the signs/
I didn’t pay them any mind/
The falseness all in your design/
And over time I saw your disguise/
I tried to walk away so many times/
Feed up with the attitude and the empty lies/
But for some reason I was mesmerized/
Good times seemed to be memorized/
And my mind was out of shape and needed exercise/
I was numb to the plans that you had devised/
I wasn’t wise…
I fell so deep with your representative/
Incentives were sexually intensive/
And I wonder how you would always finish my sentence/
You said I was your other half…
How many other halves can you end with?/
It’s taken time…
But my heart is fully replenished/
You caused chaos with your negligence/
No I don’t wish for you to have a taste of your own medicine/
That’s a sin…You see I’m Godly/
And I walk with love and empathy/
Not even your deceit could empty me/
Even with all the hurt you left in me/
I will stand strong even if I have to pretend to be/
Wow… You really were never a friend to me/
Wow… With this love I have you can never be my enemy/
Now… This strength it enters me/
Now… This pain made a better me/
Better than I’d ever be…/
And I see you’re gone and on to the next man/
With no need to even ask/
With ruin in your next plan/
I gotta laugh… Sociopath/
I hope they so see your path.

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