I know this pain can’t just subside/
So I’m going to take it for a little ride/
A stroll down memory lane..
Let’s go deep inside/
It was in my 34th year…
Now in year 35/
I met you and I felt so alive/
Maybe that’s what makes this so hard to write/
It was on a beautiful November night/
It was there I’d decide to let you in my life/
It didn’t take long for thoughts of making you my wife/
The feeling was so great and I couldn’t deny/
So fate was on your side when you drowned me with lies/
I never anticipated something so wrong from something so right/
But it’s alright…
I can’t dwell or spew on it forever/
Although I thought you were my forever/
I had waited long enough for us to be together/
You knew from the get go that I was nothing more than your sick pleasure/
Pushing me while pushing me away to get yours/
I didn’t get your desperate measures/
All those talks we had for our future were whatever/
For you… Not for me…
Because I know I deserved better/
They say ties to the heart are hard to sever/
No matter how much bad someone did it’s never/
Ever too much for the heart to condemn/
I wasn’t special to you…
I was just another one of them/
But again/
I was not another one to just lend/
My time for destruction and try to comprehend/
It was all great in the beginning but it had to end/
With differences too hard to mend/
And you can tell your friends that it’s my fault/
And you can tell your family that it was my call/
But you can never tell the truth after it all/
You were after nothing…
I was after it all/
And I will find mine once I get over yours.


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