Accused of this…
Accused of that…
Accused of all of it/
But never was I accused of love…
And that’s unfortunate/
Was never accused of trust…
Although I put my all in it/
You didn’t quite understand me…
And I had some more to give/
Hi, my name is Sammy…
And I have some more to live/
Tears and pain…
And you’ll never get more than this/
Remembering sometimes that love could be more of a one time gig/
I would have never thought this was a one time thing/
The first few months that I love to reminisce/
The last few months had me so hesitant/
So I think of the worst and the best of it/
And walking away was what was left in it/
I truly loved you… And that’s most definite/
Your love bombing made a precedence/
But your turn of emotions made me question this/
The accusations and the questioning/
Learned a lot and that’s what this lesson is/
To never lose self even when you put all yourself in this/
Your love was selfish/
My forgiveness was helpless/
So let me delve quick/
All I wanted was your love…
And you never dealt this/
All I gave you was my love…
And you never felt this/
Bad mouthing my trust…
And you think I couldn’t tell this/
But there’s three sides to a story…
And the one filled with accusations/
And those are always the acts we stay in.


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