Happy New Year

Just want to wish my fellow writers here on WordPress a Happy New Year and many continued blessings going forward into the new year. I also want to thank all for inspiring me to continue to write. Take care all and be safe!



Why did you choose me

Because I exemplified everything that you wanted to be

Because you wanted to identify with everything that I could see

My goodness, my character and love over your pain, fear and jealousy

Tragically your memories of tragedy have damaged your mental reality

Damaged my own to a point but how could you do it so empathically

Run away from chaos with your ways odd as if you were in a way a God

To hurt and destroy is your job and try to rob one of their self esteem

You mean to tell me it was all a dream and you weren’t what you seemed

Again why did you choose me and what was it that you had to internally redeem

You plot, you discover weaknesses, you lie and you cheat and this is your scheme

I guess it’s true what they say… if’s too good to be true, it usually is unless you believe

I can’t understand your ways and I’ve had enough and even with this love I have to leave.

:: ALL YOU C::

My thoughts and words move across many continents

Reaching brain waves of the deepest conscious

Time revealed on watches look only to seek consequence

So I flow freely living life with no need or vote of confidence

See my love and being is the ultimate form of self compliment

No need for acknowledgment or finding ways to conjure it

I take life by the grasp and in fact I have the act to conquer it

My definitions are always contoured so no way to counter it

Premonitions of the world viewed to me as downright counterfeit.

How To Begin Rebuilding Your Life And Make It Ridiculously Amazing

For anybody going through personal issues or demons, seeking a ways to understand yourself. Mistakes. Judgements. Life can be difficult at times adding all the pressures of the world on your shoulders. Take the time to read this and commit to some changes within yourself. This post is for all of us who need to learn how to love ourselves again and forgive ourselves. Many thanks and praise to Be Like Water for their post, and I feel it’s my duty to pass it along to anyone in need. God bless.