I can’t lie and so I rather admit it/
I fell for the what wasn’t there and still isn’t/
For me…just a tough thought to visit/
Wish it never happened but I lived it/
And these are feelings I will always live with/
I don’t even know if I wish them different/
Guess it makes no difference/
Love is complicated and so distant/
Miles away from ordinary…Listen/
I don’t hate you…
I just hate what you did to me/
I don’t regret you…
I regret what you did to we/
No sympathy/
But understand I’m a always be a sweet symphony/
Regardless if this feeling dies or lives with me/
Within me/
I know I loved you unconditionally/
You were conditioned to never understand what love could be/
Therefore all of our beauty quickly became ugly/
Trust me…
Even if you didn’t trust me/
You tried to complicate my life for the ones that loved me/
But this isn’t a bitter song…
It’s so upbeat/
Cause I won in the end…
Because defeat could never touch me.


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